Information technology that fits

Welcome fellow craftsman! Would you like to practice in the best dojo of your skill on planet earth? Then join us on our path to mastery and lets grow together.

Pulloware is a quality oriented software development company run by IT craftsmen. We foster a learning culture and don’t give much weight to titles and hierarchy. Instead concentrating on job satisfaction and commitment.

We also invest a significant amount of time and effort to ensure everyone’s up to date on relevant technologies and methods.

Want to work with us? Send your CV and cover letter to jobs@pulloware.com

Here's a taste of opportunities you get in our company:

Got a rush? Then contact us. Your thirst for knowledge and skills matter more than your current proficiency on any of above mentioned technologies. We all started as novices, and we'll help you to progress.

We have offices in UK and Denmark and currently in the process of establishing in Ukraine. In some cases working from home can be arranged too. Our projects vary in length, scope and difficulty. We are open to industries and domains, to mention a few: Banking, Telco, Retail, Marketing, E-commerce... What matters the most is the challenge of the project to keep you on your tows:)

Mandatory abilities: Very nice to haves:

Lets get this going, send us your CV with salary expectations to jobs@pulloware.com If you have some code samples (github?) let us take a peek. If not, that's OK too, you'll get a coding kata to demonstrate your way of thinking.

Happy coding!